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The Red Telephone Box ❤️ (at Harrods, Knightsbridge)
Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream  🍦 (at Hyde Park)
Harrods ✨ (at Harrods)
of course she did 😌 (at Bond Street London Underground Station)

Buckaneers and landlubbers, today’s your day!
Don’t make me close one more door
I don’t wanna hurt anymore 🎼💔
So in love with #Divergent ✨
There’s a way, 
a way way too long but reachable, 
not for everyone a way but possible… Go and don’t lose your way!

Saudi princess Deena Abdulaziz 
كُل مواقف الحياةِ علمتني ، أن الصَمت أَبلغ اللُغات .!


و ستظل لي.

وستبقى الدنيا جميلة